Starting in September 2020 this is a new page addition for Photographerlight.com.
"I hope you enjoy reading a little more about what inspires me to make artwork.
I aim to give additional commentary on a selection of my own work on a quarterly basis". 
David Crawford
This abstract work was initially influenced by consideration of non-linear interactions inherent in ocean wave dynamics. Such scientific studies resonated for me with the general psychological uncertainty of our times.
I had also recently re-read Melvilles "Moby Dick" and spent many a "lockdown" night pondering the current coronavirus pandemic and its similarities to some of the aforementioned novel's central themes.i.e. Exploration of the depths of human fortitude and what must perish and be secured for resolution to occur? 
Compositionally I see similarities in this work to Snow Storm : Steam-Boat off a Harbours Mouth by J M W Turner (1842). Metaphorically speaking this now leads me to feel that this work speaks to our communal yearning to achieve 'safe harbour" from a maelstrom outside of our human control.
Dark Wave and The Deluge
I wasn't sure initially whether to release "Dark Wave" as a standalone piece, or pair it with "The Deluge"?
I think 'Dark Wave" and "The Deluge" work well together and both consider similar themes. There is, I feel, an organic element to both pieces : although I personally see "The Deluge" as more "Terrestrial" in its subject matter. By this I mean to say it has greater fidelity to satellite imagery of the earth and has more "Anthropogenic climate change" allusions than its sister work - Dark Wave.