If you're in São Paulo call in to see my art work on display - "A Glimpse Of The Magical Realm - Fauna" 
Rua Pelotas 400, Vila Mariana Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Exhibition Starts: Saturday 10 December 2022 (Tue - Sat: 1 - 7pm)
  • Private View: Saturday 10 December 2022 (6 - 10pm)
  • Exhibition Ends: Friday 23 December 2022
Echo's Studio is a multi-award-winning studio based in the prestigious Vila Mariana neighbourhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is a creative hub that offers services for the biggest brands in the market and musically records a variety of Brazilian celebrities along with exhibiting international fine artists. 


One of the regular questions I get asked is why do you keep returning to landscapes in your images?


The tradition of landscape as a subject for western Art has a long and distinguished heritage.  Albrecht Altdorfer's “Landscape with Footbridge”, which dates from the early 16th century, is often viewed to be the first landscape genre painting ( there are of course earlier examples of painted landscape e.g. frescoes in Akrotiri dating from c,-1,500BC ). So first of all there is a personal sense of engaging with a genre of visual arts that has fascinated Artists for centuries.


Yet with the contemporary focus upon climate change there is also now a psychological tension as to how we view and relate to “landscape” imagery per se. We humans operate in the realm of ideas and our beliefs create social effects which have consequences. We are no longer just passive observers of our environment as the Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal. I therefore endeavour to capture in my pictorial landscapes what I see and feel in a place, as opposed to striving for a totally naturalistic portrayal of a scene, at a specific time of day. In addition there is always an elegiac mood ever present when one considers a natural world that is gradually passing away.


The actual title of the UK exhibition is partly influenced by the novel Wuthering heights. The novel is itself perhaps influenced by the location Top Withens , located near Haworth, West Yorkshire, England. I visited the location in 2022 for the first time and was struck by how the natural elements at the place reflected the characters temperaments in the novel and vice versa. Some of the central themes of the novel - haunting, storms and calmness - are also woven into my works on show in the December UK exhibition. 


I do hope you can get to view the works in person.


David Crawford 


September 2022